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Are you passionate about helping students understand more about money?

Become an Education Champion in your region today!

Financial education delivered by professionals

Our sessions are delivered by our network of Education Champions – professional members who are committed to giving something back to their local community.

This is a fantastic way for you to give something back and help young people as they start their journey to adulthood and begin their careers.

Education Champions will be able to access online training and support to use tried and tested collateral so that they can go to schools with the confidence that they can deliver genuine added value content to students.

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My Personal Finance Skills

Financial education workshops

An initial set of four financial education workshops have been created in collaboration with ‘Young Money’, a trusted financial education provider, supporting schools, colleges and universities for over 15 years. Workshops have been piloted in schools have received the financial education Quality Mark supported by Money Advice Service.

Our financial education materials will come with full facilitator notes, a training webinar for support on effective delivery and Education Champions will be expected to complete our financial education sign-off process before delivering their first workshops.  More resources will be created to support schools and students as the programme evolves and grows.

The initial four financial education resources will cover the following themes:

  1. My future finances – learning objectives:
    • Understand the value of everyday expenses
    • Consider your personal long-term goals
    • Evaluate your goals according to a range of incomes
  1. Staying safe from scams – learning objectives:
    • Recognise different types of financial scams
    • identify possible characteristics of scams
    • Take steps to prevent being a victim of scams
  1. Moving on from school – learning objectives:
    • Understand the key features of a payslip
    • Explain different types of income deductions
    • Calculate gross and net income
    • Understand how the Government uses tax and NICs to fund public services
  1. Making decisions and risk – learning objectives:
    • Discover why people may choose to take risks with their money
    • Understand different types of financial risks and whether they carry a high, medium or low risk to an individual
    • Understand how insurance and other methods can be used to protect themselves against financial risks

* For more detail on what the workshops cover, please view the sample content (PDF). Please note that this document provides a small sample of each workshop and cannot be used to deliver a financial education workshop.

To access the full content of a particular workshop, please contact a member of the team by emailing volunteers@thepfs.org.

Coming soon.... (Sept 2020 update)

A new series of workshops looking at opening the first bank account, understanding the difference between credit & debit and loans & mortgages.  Furthermore, the programme will include a selection of personal finance talks for schools that do not have the time for workshops and want to do whole school assembly type talks.

Discover Fortunes

You might be familiar with the successful Discover Fortunes campaign and many have already delivered a session as part of the programme. Discover Fortunes will continue as part of the My Personal Finance Skills programme along with the financial education workshops.

Discover Fortunes is targeted at students in years 11-13 (15-18 years old) and delivered to a maximum of 35 students per session. Estimated delivery time is 1h-1h30. 

A typical Discover Fortunes session consists of:

  • A short introduction by professional
  • A board game competition played in teams and based around five different people

This enables students to:

  • Learn more about saving, pensions and investments
  • Develop team work, communication and problem-solving skills

Find out more by watching the introduction to Discover Fortunes video.

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