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Updates on coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Remaining vigilant: Fraud and cyber prevention

How to avoid becoming the victim of fraud or a cyber attack because of COVID-19.

Covid-19 leads to changes in non-medical underwriting limits

Across the market, insurers provide Non-Medical Underwriting limits that show at what benefit level they would request medical evidence for different age groups. In this insight, we take a look at what the non-medical underwriting limits are for Income Protection policies 

How do insurers protect the income of health professionals?

Protection Guru explore how providers match up against the other providers and which proposition offers the best perks of income protection for medical professionals.



The new rules on pension tapering


In the Budget it was announced that in 2020/21, the threshold income level and the adjusted income level for the tapered annual allowance will both be increasing. The increases were the Government’s attempt to solve the NHS pension problem as promised in the 2019 Conservative Party manifesto. In this article you can find the new rules on Pension Tapering.