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Why income seekers must adjust their expectations

Across a broader sweep of history, base rates have stayed far closer to where we are today.

Meeting the challenges of MiFIDII

As advisory firms strain to comply with MiFID II, Aamina Zafar examines the difficulties and considers the likelihood of a MiFID III.

Who pays more for being diagnosed at a young age?

Being diagnosed with a debilitating condition at a young age can have significant ongoing repercussions. In this insight, we look at how a number of insurers approach some of the more debilitating conditions if diagnosed at a young age.

Estate planning with loan trusts

Whilst estate planning for clients plays an important role it is often the case that it can be difficult to ascertain which type of trust really meets clients’ needs. Do they require any access? Are they happy to make an outright gift? Do they want a combination of such planning? There is not always a simple answer to these questions.In this article we outline the main inheritance tax benefits of using a loan trust.