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PFS Regions

When joining the Personal Finance Society you also become a member of one of the localised regions, giving you access to dedicated career support and personal development opportunities close to home.

The Personal Finance Society’s 26 Regions are run by a dedicated group of member volunteers providing access to career support and personal development opportunities close to home.

The programme of services typically include;
  • CPD seminars and workshops covering technical and market related topics
  • Access to ‘soft’ and business skills sessions
  • Social and business networking events
  • Guidance on exam techniques and revision courses
  • News and updates
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Information on local exam centres

Each of the regions has its own committee and these are essential in maintaining the future growth and professional standing of the society. The committees are made up of member elected volunteers with the objective of supporting the society in achieving its objectives.

Learn how to nominate for a committee role

You can also find our Regional Guide here, which contains information about the set-up of regional committees, as well as how you can succeed running your regional PFS committee.

Interested in becoming a member volunteer in your regional PFS Committee? Check out this page for more information. 

PFS Local

PFS Local is the new name for our regional events, hosted and organised by PFS Regional Committees. With a mix of in-person and digital events, PFS Local will allow you to undertake CPD at a local level and strengthen your network of contacts across your region. Find your next PFS Local event here.