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Each category is judged by a panel of sector practitioners and experts appointed by the Personal Finance Society. The diverse panel from varied roles bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to ensure the most deserving individuals and firms are recognised. The judging panel consists of; Consumer representatives, Media representatives, a Chartered Financial Planner and a Personal Finance Society Board director.

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The judging process varies depending on the category you choose to enter but you may be expected to:


Entries will be judged solely based on the information provided by the entrant, who may be required to provide additional information if requested to do so by the Personal Finance Society.

Transparency and fairness

To ensure transparency and fairness all entries are assessed against a consistent and objective criterion.

All judges are bound by a duty of confidentiality and are required to identify conflicts of interest and must excuse themselves from participating in assessment of the relevant entries if any conflict exists.

No correspondence will be entered into with or on behalf of entrants concerning the judges’ decisions which are final and binding. Entries which do not comply with the eligibility criteria or which contravene the spirit of the Personal Finance Awards may, at the sole discretion of the Personal Finance Society, be rejected. In cases where the judges are not satisfied with the standard or quality of entries, it is possible that no award will be made.

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