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Forces MoneyPlan

What are the requirements to participate in the scheme?
You must be a member of the Personal Finance Society member with a valid Statement of Professional Standing.

Is it advice or guidance?
Initially you will be giving generic financial advice. This is not regulated financial advice and will not result in any specific recommendations. 

Will it affect my PI premiums?
By giving generic financial advice without a personal recommendation it should have no effect on your existing professional indemnity arrangements.

What about follow-up advice?
One outcome from the initial guidance session might be a subsequent request for commercial regulated advice, but participating advisers in this scheme will commit to follow clear process that ensures a 'clean break' takes place after the guidance session and leaves the recipient to make contact in respect of any need for subsequent regulated financial advice.

How much time will I have to commit?
The time we envisage adviser members committing to Forces MoneyPlan will vary between a few hours and a full day every month. Support can be delivered by telephone as well as face to face.