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Forces MoneyPlan

Why volunteer?

This is great opportunity for qualified members to volunteer a small amount of their time, knowledge and expertise and make a real difference to the lives of armed forces personnel and veterans. 

Does volunteering count towards CPD?

Yes. Volunteering qualifies for CPD whilst expanding professional knowledge in other areas of personal finance relevant to armed forces personnel and veterans.

How will I be matched with an armed forces participant?

We work to match up advisers and participants based on region or specialism. 

How do I become a volunteer?

To register as a Forces MoneyPlan Adviser please complete our online form or fill in Section 4 'Pro bono volunteer agreement' of the handbook and send to Lyn will then be in touch should a local Forces MoneyPlan client request financial guidance.

Further Information

Handbook PDF

Sets out the roles, responsibilities, expectations and summarises the basics of the scheme

CPD slides (PPT)

Provides specific information relevant to Armed Forces personnel

Statement of engagement

A pre-guidance notification for you to personalise and send to a potential Forces MoneyPlan client

Options and priorities report (PDF)

A post-guidance form for you to personalise

Feedback form (PDF)

A confidential post meeting report from the Forces MoneyPlan client to assess the effectiveness of the scheme

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact us