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Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
A mortgage is a special kind of loan, typically taken out to buy a home.  It can be for any length of time agreed between the borrower and the lender.  The loan is usually based on: how much the borrower can afford to borrow; the value of the property.  The main 'lenders' are...
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
As well as arranging financial protection in the event of death or ill health to preserve a current standard of living for themselves and any dependants, people need to arrange savings and investments to meet the financial goals and aspirations they may have for the future.  The future...
Technical articles | 01 Apr 2006
Competency  -  Training & Competency The FSA Training & Competency requirements which apply to all FSA regulated firms are set out in the T & C Sourcebook The first part (TC1) refers to the commitments. These require firms to ensure that:  
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
In addition to providing financial protection in the event of death or ill health, most people also need to protect themselves and their property against other adverse events.  There are a number of personal insurance policies an individual can arrange to provide peace of mind.  I...
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
We have already said that good faith on the part of policyholders is an essential element for the creation of an insurance contract.  Policyholders in turn rightly expect that insurers will live up to their promises to protect property, legal liabilities or to pay on death, disability ...
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
One day, the risk you have insured against might occur.  Until this point you have brought an intangible product - a promise that the insurer will pay your claim when the time comes.  It is only when a claim occurs that the true value of the product you have brought can be measure...
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
In common with other contracts, insurance is arranged by one party making an offer to enter into a contract with another party, who can accept or reject that offer.  In the case of insurance the first party is the proposer - either a private individual or a business - and the second pa...
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
In this chapter we will look at the main types of insurance which may be needed by private individuals and businesses.  We will concentrate mainly on "general insurance", that is, non-life insurance, as that is the focus of this guide.  General insurance can be split into a number...
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2008
Financial services is an industry that encompasses a wide range of activities related to personal and commerical finance.  However, this guide concentrates on certain activities that interface directly with the public: life assurance, health insurance, investment products, pensions and...
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