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Technical articles | 11 Jul 2013
Investing used to be about equities for growth and bonds for income and stability. But it seems behaviour has changed in recent years, as the global financial crisis and the collapse of equity markets in 2008 still cast a long shadow over markets. There is evidence that investors still fear...
Technical articles | 30 Apr 2013
Whether or not you are a gold bug, as followers of the yellow metal are sometimes known, the reality is that gold remains a popular investment asset. More than any other precious metal, gold is where investors turn at times of economic, political and social unrest or as a hedge against curr...
Technical articles | 09 Apr 2013
Given the small size of the Cypriot economy, it is remarkable that the country's impending bankruptcy should have created the shock waves that it did.  That the country should be in trouble hardly came as any surprise. The links with Greece were strong, so some collateral damage seemed...
Technical articles | 21 Mar 2013
There is an argument that goes along the lines that the only true rationale for investing is to create an income from the assets you own. Whether you need it to spend is immaterial. The reality is that income generation is what is expected of bonds and is the only true measure of an equity'...
01 Jul 2012
What exactly is the scope for a fair and comprehensive analysis of the market? Commentators are suggesting that some firms, who intend to label their services as 'independent' post RDR, might struggle to work to the new rules. This one-day conference from the Personal Finance Society, in...
CII Library | Book | Published 2015
Contains the following four guides: Tax update and fixed interest securities, Collective investments onshore and offshore, Life assurance based investments onshore and offshore, and Financial Calculations. Relevant calculations are based on the 2015/16 tax year.
CII Library | Book | Published 2015
Despite enormous growth in alternative investment, performance measurement practices in this area are rough around the edges.  Performance analysts tasked with measuring and reporting the returns of alternative assets face issues regarding which return method to use, leverage that creates ne...
Technical articles | 03 Oct 2013
As platform providers begin to follow life offices in supplying trust documentation for their investors, a question will often arise as to whether it is only a "gift trust" that can be used with collective investments. For many years life offices have played an important part in promoting a...
CII Library | Book | Published 2015
A Practitioner's Guide to Alternative Investment Funds offers practical guidance on legal and regulatory concepts (UK and US), asset classes and Tax regimes (UK and US). 

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