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Medical and wellbeing services that are made available to the client’s direct family


Publication date:

21 February 2022

Last updated:

21 February 2022


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5 things you should know!

Additional support benefit such as virtual GPs, second medical opinions and physical wellbeing services are a valuable extra included on many protection plans and in some cases, insurers extend access to the client’s spouse, partner or children. With services such as GPs or mental wellbeing support often difficult to access through the NHS and costly to use privately, the extension of these benefits to the client’s family can be extremely helpful and valuable. In this ‘5 things you should read’, we bring you a round-up of insights highlighting different services that are made available to the client’s direct family.

Virtual GP services

Virtual GP services can be a valuable added benefit that the clients whole family may have cause to use, particularly if they have children. This insight highlights which insurers extend use to the clients spouse, partner or children and how the services compare. Read more.

Second medical opinion

Second medical opinion services are offered by a number of insurers and in many cases the service is extended to the client’s immediate family. In this insight we examine second opinion services in more detail and which insurers extend access beyond the life-assured. Read more.

Mental health support

Mental health support can often be difficult to access through the NHS and there can be long waiting lists to see a mental health professional. Private services may be available, but these can be costly, so providing clients and their family with access to mental health support, particularly in light of the challenges of the last two years can be extremely valuable. Particularly important is the extension of these services to the clients children. Read more.

Nutritional health and wellbeing

A number of insurers provide a range of nutritional advice and support benefits, designed to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. In many cases the benefits, such as access to nutritionists, wellbeing portals etc are extended to the clients direct family, as this insight highlights. Read more.

Fitness and physical wellbeing

Physical exercise and wellbeing is an effective way of preventing illness, but many of us don’t know where to turn for advice and support. A number of insurers provide fitness support services, designed to help clients and their family keep fit and healthy. In this insight we examine the benefits in more detail and which family members can access them. Read more.

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