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Enhanced payments on critical illness cover

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Publication date:

23 July 2021

Last updated:

10 December 2021


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In this ‘5 things you should read’ piece we bring together some recent insights on this subject, to highlight what different insurers offer.  

Protection insurance policies increasingly offer more value beyond the core cover. Whether it’s additional support services, such as virtual GPs or extra payments for life changing illnesses on a critical illness plan, cover can now extend well beyond the main sum-assured pay-out. When a client suffers a critical illness the impact on their quality of life and in turn their finances can be very serious. Whilst the core pay-out will hopefully be sufficient to repay any debts or cover other costs, unless they have insured themselves for an exceptionally high sum-assured, then in all likelihood they’ll still require ongoing financial support. Enhanced payments provide that additional financial support in a number of different scenarios, particularly children’s cover, where the long-term impact of suffering a serious illness may be greater. In this ‘5 things you should read’ piece we bring together some recent insights on this subject, to highlight what different insurers offer.  




Who offers higher quality critical illness payments based on quality of life?

Quality of life is something that separates a living meaningful life from simply existing. This is why living with a critical illness that impairs quality of life over time can be so devastating for clients and their families. It can change what clients are able to do for themselves and for those who are ordinarily active and independent, that can be hard to take. However, there is plenty that advisers and insurers can do to help clients adjust. One thing is to ensure that clients have access to more than the standard sum assured under their critical-illness policies. In this insight we delve further into the additional payments made by insurers and the scenarios in which they may be paid.

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Which critical illness policies come top if clients have a serious accident?

A serious accident can have a massive impact on a client’s life where they face a long stay in hospital or being permanently disabled due to the injuries they have sustained. This can have huge financial implications in the short and longer term, not only for the client but also their families. So, if insurers can step in and provide a bit extra, this can make clients’ lives a little bit easier. In this insight we looked at what financial aid critical illness insurers provide following a serious accident.

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Which insurers make extra payments to younger clients with a critical illness?

While it is more likely that a client will suffer from a critical illness at an older age than when they are young, some people are, unfortunately, diagnosed with debilitating conditions early in their lives. The impact that this will have on their life expectancy and quality of life will differ from condition to condition and the severity of the diagnosis, but the repercussions are likely to be significant, as will the effect on their finances. In this insight we looked at how a number of insurers approach some of the more debilitating conditions if diagnosed at a young age.

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Which insurers offer the best cover for overseas treatment?

We are used to the NHS being able to deal with whatever condition we present them with, and it does a marvellous job. However, in this big, wide world of ours, plenty of research and innovation within the healthcare sector happens outside the UK. But if pioneering treatment is available exclusively overseas, it is expensive – prohibitively so in many cases. So, what would clients do if more effective or lifesaving treatment for themselves or their children was only available outside the UK? Would their finances stretch to the cost of travel, accommodation and the treatment itself? In this insight we looked at how insurers help clients or their children to get the best medical care from overseas.  

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Fracture cover – who offers what?

Slipping on wet leaves, tripping up on the kerbside, even falling out of bed are things that could happen to us at any time.  Simple accidents such as these are common and most of the time people are able to pick themselves up, perhaps mutter a few choice words, then go on their way with no real harm done. However, there are times when people are not so lucky and they fall awkwardly or with enough impact to chip or break a bone. Depending on the nature of the injury, this could lead to them being unable to work for week, or even months, while they wait for the bones to heal. That is potentially a long time to be out of work and not earning, particularly for those who have physically demanding occupations, as they need to be properly fit before returning to the workplace. In this insight we looked at which insurers provide financial help in this situation and how they compare.

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