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Pride Month 2019

News Article

Publication date:

14 June 2019

Last updated:

23 September 2019


James Moorhouse

Pride Month 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in 1969.

Pride Month occurs every June to mark the riots in Stonewall, NY, USA that started the Gay Liberation Movement, raising cultural awareness of the need for LGBTQ rights across the world. 

A lot has changed in 50 years with many countries now allowing LGBTQ people to marry each other and adopt children. However, there are still several countries that do not recognise gay rights, going as far as to violently oppose them, some with a death penalty. Pride Month is not just a reminder of the civil rights that have been achieved since 1969, but a sign of hope to those living in countries where their human rights are not recognised. With homophobic attacks still in the news, Pride Month reminds us all that equality is still a struggle, even in countries that recognise equality.   

Whilst many larger companies have the resources to provide support for diversity and inclusion, there may be smaller or regional offices that struggle to support individuals. Networking and support groups exist across the UK that aim to support LGBTQ professionals as well as any straight allies who also wish to support their colleagues. These can be a great way to meet other LGBTQ colleagues in the same sector.


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