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5 Minutes with... Emma Hall

Publication date:

20 March 2024

Last updated:

20 March 2024

In our first Five minutes with.... we catch up with Emma Hall FPFS a Chartered Financial Planner at Bristol-based 75point3.

Emma who was crowned Chartered Financial Planner of the Year 2023/24 and is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, shares her thoughts and experience on becoming Chartered.

How long have you been Chartered?

About 9 years.

What motivated you to pursue Chartered Status?

I think being Chartered brings credibility and it's something that clients can associate a high-level expertise with. It also ensures a very high level of knowledge and understanding which is required when dealing with particularly complex clients.

What challenges (if any) did you face attaining Chartered Status, and how did you overcome them? 

I didn't pass all of my exams first time, and trying to revise whilst working a full-time job plus pursing a rowing hobby and seeing friends and family was very difficult. However, I persevered and became more disciplined which paid off.

How do you think Chartered strengthens your relationships with clients, peers and/or employers? 

Clients are familiar with Chartered Status due to it being well-known amongst other disciplines such as accountancy and surveying, and so it puts clients at ease straight away because they know you have been awarded a status which represents high qualifications and experience.

In terms of peers, they will see you as a highly motivated individual who knows their stuff and someone to go to for advice, guidance, and mentorship.

Employers love the fact that you are Chartered as it gives them peace of mind knowing that you will be providing the best advice to clients, and it gives a fantastic marketing aspect for the company.

Also, if you ever decide to move to another company or go out on your own it is likely to give you an edge amongst your competitors!

What advice would you give someone considering Chartered Status?

Go for it! Why stop if you can gain more knowledge, understanding and respect by going further. It will be hard work, especially whilst managing other aspects of your life. But if you have grit and are disciplined the payoff is well worth it!

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