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The Referendum on the UK’s Membership of the EU

CII information site

Publication date:

28 April 2016

Last updated:

22 September 2017

On 23rd June the British population were given the opportunity to vote to remain or to leave the European Community. This page provides information and links to facilitate a balanced and informed debate on the issue.


Folowing the result of the referendum, the CII published a short briefing to provide a summary of what the EU referendum result means for CII members:

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What happened?

On 23rd June the British population were given the opportunity to vote to remain or leave the European Community. This was the second such referendum to be held on renewal of membership, with the first conducted in 1975 following formal UK entry to the then EEC in 1973.

CII stance

In line with many professional bodies - particularly Chartered bodies - the CII did not have a corporate view on the issue of the vote itself.  We recognise that our individual members had strong views on both sides of the debate.  As a professional body we believe it is our responsibility to facilitate a balanced and informed debate on the issues for our members, particularly as they impact insurance and financial planning sectors, as well as the wider economy.

As part of this process we had set up a list of information sources, including the campaigns themselves (which became the official campaigns as of 14 April). 

We have endeavoured to divide these information sources into two separate sections: 1) factual and academic information as background to the debate [where possible we have tried to link to fact-based, and as far as is possible neutral content] and 2) more opinion-led reference points. Understandably during such a politically-charged phase of the referendum debate, much of the information from organisations, the campaigns and political parties was argumentative, and was information designed to support their respective cases. The CII site links but does not endorse this content. 

The CII has published a Thinkpiece in which both offical campaigns put forward their arguements ahead of the vote on 23rd June. 

Useful background sources

BBC Factcheck- the BBC has a useful site which tries to factcheck some of the various 'assertions' made about the EU - both pro and anti.   Within the BBC site are some specific online links

UK Parliament briefing: This content  has been produced by the Parliamentary Library and links to briefing papers and related material which set out the background and stages of the UK's referendum for remaining in or leaving the European Union. It highlights the analysis and comment on the in-out referendum and presents an impartial view of the different arguments and opinions. It offers information on potential "Brexit" and on remaining in the EU.

Civitas -  The thinktank Civitas has a very useful collection of content which aims "to explain all aspects of the European Union in a clear, straightforward, neutral way through short fact sheets. Unlike the other sections of this website, which are neutral and objective, the 'referendum debate' section contains reasoned arguments for both Leaving and Remaining in the EU".  The Blog has a clash of opinion.

The debate:

Other sites of use

Centre for Constitutional Change:

History of the EU

The London School of Economics

Cabinet Office


City and Financial Services aspects  


EU\UK economic relations


We will keep this page updated with information and relevant content.


This document is believed to be accurate but is not intended as a basis of knowledge upon which advice can be given. Neither the author (personal or corporate), the CII group, local institute or Society, or any of the officers or employees of those organisations accept any responsibility for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the data or opinions included in this material. Opinions expressed are those of the author or authors and not necessarily those of the CII group, local institutes, or Societies.


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