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The Chancellor’s pensions reforms

CII/PFS Policy Briefing

Publication date:

26 March 2014

Last updated:

22 September 2017


Policy and Public Affairs

A policy briefing setting out the details and implications of the Government's widely-publicised pensions reforms announced in Budget 2014.

Freedom of choice and the "right to guidance"

As part of his 2014 Budget statement, the Chancellor announced major reforms to the decumulation market.

These reforms are aimed at enhancing customer choices at the point of retirement, and assisting customers in making those choices. They come as part of a wider package encouraging savings.

The Chancellor's speech and a detailed Treasury consultation set out:

  • reforms to the taxation rules so that all consumers are offered the full range of options at the point of retirement (lump sum, drawdown or annuity) regardless of the size of their accumulated pension; 
  • an interim step of easing the trivial commutation and other limits to improve flexibility; and
  • "the right to guidance": offering to all consumers retiring with DC a pension at-retirement guidance that is impartial, face-to-face and free at point of use.

This announcement was part of a package of measures around the Chancellor's savings agenda, which included reforms to individual savings accounts (ISA) limits and changes to national savings and pension bonds.

Next steps 

The Treasury has published a consultation alongside the Budget statement, setting out the Government's thinking in this area in more detail. Responses are due by 11 June.

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