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Watch sessions from the 2016 National Financial Planning Symposium online now

If you missed the chance to attend the 2016 National Financial Planning Symposium, or you wish to go back over what you heard on the day, then please use the links below to watch the recordings of the sessions.

For more information including upcoming events and past recordings, please go to:

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The evolution of Advice - Keith Richards


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Shakespeare and the power of story telling - Ian Hughes

Learning objectives - be able to:

  • The importance of personalizing a story for maximum impact
  • The 5 levels of memorable language
  • The 5 archetypal story outlines that Shakespeare used and that are still used today in Hollywood
  • Why the human brain loves storys
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Imagineering the ultimate advice service - Jason Butler

Learning objectives - be able to:

  • Understand the radical transformation how people access, experience and pay for financial advice
  • Explain technological innovation, regulatory developments and increasingly demanding customers are combining to create a 'perfect storm' for traditional financial planners and advisers
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Personalisation, differentiation and the use of technology with clients - Practioner Panel


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Building Your Entrepreneurial Future - Paulette Sopoci

Learning objectives - be able to:

  • Introduction to a long-term structure that you can use to maximize productivity, preparation, and rejuvenation-and achieve greater and lasting balance in your life
  • Explain how you'll be freed up to spend more time doing what you love to do and what produces your best results, by identifying your passion and unique talents
  • Help you understand practical ideas and strategies that will make you more productive, the key to working less and enjoying a happier balance at work and in your personal life
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What next for the UK in a post-Brexit world? - Trevor Williams

Learning objectives - be able to:

  • Analysing the uncertainty that the UK faces as it explores opportunities outside the EU
  • Considering personal finances in light of what will happen to employment, economic growth and the EU
  • Understanding what economic data consumers are exposed to and how Financial Planners can use the data in a meaningful way to help educate clients better
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The Future of Financial Planning - Steve Gazzard

Learning objectives - be able to:

  • This session will look at the evolution of advice, the emergence of financial planning, and how the financial planning profession can learn from the past
  • How financial planning can provide greater access for consumers, and continue to prosper in a changing regulatory and economic climate
  • Explain how all of this will be positioned within four broad themes of Consumer, Conflicts, Culture and Cooperation
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It's not the cards you are dealt in life but the way that you play them - David Thomas

Learning objectives - be able to:

  • Accepting responsibility is the starting point for all high level success
  • The quality of life we have is in direct correlation to the quality of the decisions we make
  • We are what we can remember
  • We are a nation of storytellers - how to use that to create business leverage
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