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Library acquisitions 2013

A list of recent book purchases by month, from January to December 2013. To view these and the full collection, please visit the library catalogue. Most of these books can be borrowed by CII members, and a postal service is available. For further information, please contact the library at or call 0207 417 4415/3574.

December 2013

  • Tolley's guide to pensions data and record-keeping. Sally Ling. LexisNexis, 2013.
  • Tolley's guide to fiduciary management. Sally Ling. LexisNexis, 2013.

November 2013

  • The foundations and future of financial regulation. Mads Andenas, Iris H-Y Chiu. Routledge, 2014.
  • Construction insurance: a supplement to research study group report 208b. Insurance Institute of London, 2013.
  • The law of liability insurance. 3rd ed. Desmond K Derrington and Ronald S Ashton. LexisNexis, 2013.
  • Securities law. 2nd ed. Alastair Hudson. Sweet & Maxwell, 2013.
  • Financial services marketing: an international guide to principles and practice.
  • VaR methodology for non-Gaussian finance. Marine Habart-Corlosquet et al. Wiley, 2013.
  • Keating on construction contracts. 9th ed. Stephen Furst et al. Sweet & Maxwell, 2012.
  • Principles and practice of marine insurance. Ehsanul Haque. United Publications, 2012.
  • The handbook of organisation culture and climate. Neal M Ashkanasy et al. Sage, 2011.
  • Steel: carriage by sea. 5th ed. Arthur Sparks and Frans Coppers. Informa, 2009.

October 2013

  • Booth and Schwarz: residence, domicile and UK taxation. 17th ed. Jonathan Schwarz. Bloomsbury Professional, 2013.
  • Lessons from the financial crisis. Edited by Arthur M Berd. Risk Books, 2010.
  • Insurance and the law of obligations. Rob Merkin, Jenny Steele. Oxford University Press, 2013.
  • Investments: principles and concepts. Charles P Jones. Wiley, 2014.
  • Munkman on employer's liability. 16th ed. Daniel Bennet (ed). LexisNexis, 2013.

September 2013

  • The law of finance. 2nd ed. Alistair Hudson. London, Sweet and Maxwell, 2013.
  • The investments suite. Sarah Dingley-Brown. SDB Training, 2013.
  • Financial calculations. Sarah Dingley-Brown. SDB Training, 2013.
  • Capital gains tax calculations. Sarah Dingley-Brown. SDB Training, 2013.
  • The tax and trusts suite. Sarah Dingley-Brown. SDB Training, 2013.
  • Managing systemic exposure: a risk management framework for SIFIs and their markets. Federico Galizia (ed). Risk Books, 2013.
  • Risk model validation: a practical guide to address the key questions. Risk Books, 2011.
  • Property and casualty insurance concepts implified: the ultimate "how to" insurance guide for agents, brokers, underwriters and adjusters. Christopher J Boggs. Wells Publishing, 2010.
  • Tolley's guide to qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes. Alec Ure. LexisNexis, 2013.
  • Tolley's guide to DC pensions. Sally Ling. LexisNexis, 2013.
  • Tolley's guide to the regulation of cash balance schemes. Gavin Moffatt. LexisNexis, 2012.
  • Financial planning with trusts: 2013-14. John Woolley. Claritax Books, 2013.
  • Lloyd's: law and practice. Julian Burling. Informa, 2013.
  • Capital structure and corporate governance: the role of hybrid financial instruments. Lorenzo Sasso. WoltersKluwer, 2013.
  • A practitioner's guide to the FCA listing regime 2013-14. 26th ed. Edited by Toby Wallis et al. Thomson Reuters, 2013.
  • OTC derivatives: bilateral trading and central clearing. David Murphy. Palgrave, 2013.
  • APIL guide to damages. 3rd ed. Simon Allen et al. Jordans, 2013.
  • Retail mortgages: law, regulation and practice. Malcolm Waters et al. Sweet & Maxwell, 2013.
  • The additional insured book: the authoritative resource for additional insured strategies and solutions. 6th ed. Jack Gibson et al. IRMI, 2011.
  • Captive practices and procedures: how to structure and operate a successful captive insurance program. 2nd ed. Kathryn Westover. IRMI, 2011.
  • Captives and the management of risk: understand captives insurance and why it is used. 2nd ed. Kathryn Westover. IRMI, 2006.
  • The builders risk book. Steven Coombes, Donald Malecki. IRMI, 2010.

August 2013

  • Modern bribery law. Jeremy Horder and Peter Alldridge. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  • Carter on reinsurance. 5th edition. Robert Carter, Nigel Ralph and Les Lucas. Witherby, 2013.
  • How to protect investors: lessons from the EC and the UK. Niamh Moloney. Cambridge University Press, 2010.
  • The PPLI solution: delivering wealth accumulation, tax efficiency and asset protection through private placement life insurance. Kirk Loury. Bloomberg, 2005.
  • Carriage of goods by sea, land and air: uni-modal and multi-modal transport in the 21st century. Baris Soyer, AM Tettenborn. Informa Law, 2013.
  • Security risks in social media technologies: safe practices in public service applications. Alan Oxley. Chandos Publishing, 2013.
  • The taxation of small businesses. Malcolm James. 6th ed. Spiramus Press, 2013.
  • TUPE: law and practice. Wyn Derbyshire, Stephen Hardy. 3rd ed. Spiramus Press, 2012.
  • Strategic management. Richard Lynch. 6th ed. Pearson, 2012. 
  • World insurance: the evolution of a global risk network. Peter Borscheid, Niels Viggo Haueter. OUP, 2012.
  • Longevity risk. Emma McWilliam. Risk Books, 2011.
  • How to protect investors: lessons from the EC and the UK. Niamh Moloney. CUP, 2010.

July 2013

  • EU competition law and the financial services sector. Andrea Lista. Informa Law, 2013.
  • The true cost of information security breaches and cyber crime. Michael Krausz, John Walker. IT Governance Publishing, 2013.
  • ISO22301 - a pocket guide. Tony Drewitt. IT Governance Publishing, 2013.
  • The law of liability insurance. Malcolm Clarke. Informa, 2013.
  • Manual of accounting: interim financial reporting for the UK 2013. PWC. Bloomsbury, 2013.
  • Accounting for non-accountants. 9th ed. David Horner. Kogan Page Ltd, 2013.
  • Corporate criminal liability. 3rd ed. Amanda Pinto. Sweet & Maxwell, 2013.
  • Business law. 11th ed. Sarah Riches and Vida Allen. Pearson, 2013.
  • Strategic risk management implementation guide. Risk and Insurance Management Society, 2012.
  • The law and regulation of payment services: a comparative study. Rhys Bollen. Kluwer, 2012.
  • Market risk modelling: applied statistical methods for practitioners. 2nd ed. Nigel da Costa Lewis. Risk Books, 2012.
  • The insurance and reinsurance law review. Peter Rogan. Law Business Research, 2012.
  • A practitioner's guide to the law and regulation of market abuse. Martyn Hopper. Sweet & Maxwell, 2011.
  • ISO14001 step by step: a practical guide. Asif Hayat Khan, Naeem Sadiq. IT Governance Publishing, 2011.
  • Managing information risk: a director's guide. Stewart Mitchell. IT Governance Publishing, 2009.
  • Business continuity and BS25999: a combined glossary. Alan Calder. IT Governance Publishing, 2008.
  • Risk assessment for asset owners: a pocket guide. IT Governance Publishing, 2007.

June 2013

  • Principles of Takaful (590). Abdel-Rahman Yousri Ahmed. (BIBF/CII, 2012).
  • An introduction to air law. 9th ed. I H Diederiks-Verschoor (Kluwer Law International, 2012).
  • Pensions law handbook. 11th ed. Jennifer Bell. Nabarro, 2013.
  • Insurance law for the construction industry. Robert Hogarth et al. OUP, 2013.
  • The process of financial planning. Chris Gilchrist. Taxbriefs, 2013.
  • An introduction to air law. 9th ed. I H Ph Diederiks-Verschoor. Kluwer, 2012.
  • Managing illiquid assets: perspectives and challenges. Edited by Eric Takigawa. Risk books, 2012.
  • Management: an introduction. 5th ed. David Boddy. FT Prentice Hall, 2011.

May 2013

  • Building a digital strategy: how agents and brokers can win new business in the digital age. Business insurance whitepaper (Crain Communications, 2013) [REFERENCE-ONLY].
  • Birds' modern insurance law. John Birds (Sweet & Maxwell, 2013).
  • A short guide to contract risk. Helena Haapio (Gower, 2013).
  • A short guide to risk appetite. David Hillson (Gower, 2012).
  • Six Sigma in HR transformation: achieving excellence in service delivery. Mircea Aleanu and Ian Hunter (Gower, 2009).
  • Going global: managing the HR function across countries and cultures (Gower, 2009).
  • Cyber security culture : counteracting cyber threats through organisational learning and training. Peter R J Trim and David Upton (Gower, 2013).
  • The Jackson ADR Handbook. Susan Blake et al (Oxford University Press, 2013).
  • Portfolio management. Tony Kilminster (Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, 2013).
  • Sovereign debt and debt restructuring: legal, financial and regulatory aspects. Eugenio A Bruno (ed) (Globe Business Publishing, 2013).
  • Framework for the provision of financial advice and planning services. British Standards Institution (BS 8577) (BSI, 2012).
  • Detecting and reducing supply chain fraud. Norman A Katz (Gower, 2012).
  • Project risk analysis: techniques for forecasting, funding requirements, costs and timescales. Derek Salkeld (Gower, 2011).

April 2013

  • Consumer insurance law: disclosure, representations and basis of the contract clause. Peter Tyldesley (Bloomsbury Professional, 2013).
  • Organisational behaviour. 7th ed. Andrzej Huczynski, David Buchanan (Pearson, 2010).
  • Islamic insurance: trends, opportunities, and the future of takaful. Sohail Jaffer (Euromoney Books, 2007).
  • Arnould's law of marine insurance and average. 18th ed. Jonathan Gilman et al (Sweet & Maxwell, 2013).
  • Market integration through data protection: an analysis of the insurance and financial industries in the EU. Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha (Springer Verlag, 2013).

March 2013

  • Corporate insolvency: employment and pension rights. 5th ed. David Pollard (Bloomsbury Professional, 2013).
  • Market abuse enforcement: practice and procedure. Stuart Bazley (Bloomsbury Professional, 2013).
  • Pensions and corporate insolvency: a practitioner's guide. Rosalind Connor et al (Jordans: 2013).
  • Alternative (re)insurance strategies. 2nd ed. Morton Lane (Risk Books, 2012).
  • Protected cell companies: a guide to their implementation and use. Nigel Feetham, Grant Jones (Spiramus Press, 2010).
  • The complete guide to investing in property. 5th ed. Liz Hodgkinson (Kogan Page, 2010).
  • Housing boom and bust: owner occupation, government regulation and the credit crunch.Peter King (Routledge, 2010).
  • Royal London: the first 150 years. Murray Ross (SilverWood Books, 2011).
  • Modern financial regulation. Jonathan Kirk, James Ross (Jordans, 2013).
  • Consumer financial dispute resolution in a comparative context: principles, systems and practice. Shahla F Ali (CUP, 2013).
  • Essentials of economics. 6th ed. John Sloman, Dean Garratt (Pearson, 2013).
  • Accounting and finance for non-specialists. 8th ed. Peter Atrill, Eddie McLaney (Pearson, 2013).

February 2013

  • Know the City: all you need to know about the City. Christopher Stoakes (Christopher Stoakes Ltd, 2013).
  • The law of reinsurance. 2nd ed. Colin Edelman, Andrew Burnes (OUP, 2013).
  • Systemic risk assessment and oversight. Jorge A Chan-Lau (Risk Books, 2013).
  • Sheffield insured: Sheffield and the insurance industry, 1600-2012. The Insurance Institute of Sheffield (Pickards, 2013).
  • Why strategies fail: 17 bloopers and how to avoid them. Laurence Smith (Chase Noble, 2012).
  • Research handbook on international insurance law and regulation. Julian Burling, Kevin Lazarus (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011).
  • Insuring the air transport industry against aviation war and terrorism risks and allied perils: issues and options in a post-September 11, 2011 environment. Yaw Otu Mankata Nyampong (Springer-Verlag, 2013).
  • Insurance brokers: an industry accounting and auditing guide. Mark Grice, Sarah Ouarbya (CCH Wolters Kluwer, 2013).

January 2013

  • Adapting to Basel III and the financial crisis: re-engineering capital, business mix, and performance management practices. Bogie Ozdemir, Peter Miu (Risk Books, 2012).
  • Product recall, liability and insurance: a global guide. Mark Kendall (Globe Business Publishing Ltd, 2012).
  • Principles of lender liability. Parker Hood (OUP, 2012).
  • Guide to Motor Insurers' Bureau claims. 10th ed. Donald Williams, M Johnson (Law Society, 2012).
  • Cross border insolvency. 3rd ed. Richard Sheldon (ed) (Bloomsbury Professional, 2011).

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