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T Levels

What Are T Levels?

T Levels are a new qualification for students aged 16 to 19 in England who’ve finished GCSEs. 

They're an alternative to A levels and apprenticeships, giving young people the technical and practical skills needed to be an asset in the workplace.  

At the heart of each course, every T Level student completes an industry placement that lasts a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days). Industry placements give you a unique opportunity to help develop new talent in your industry, and get young people work-ready. 

We believe T Levels could support employers and our professions by offering early access to a talent pipeline for entry-level positions, as well as helping with recruitment, improved innovation and increased organisational productivity. 

To test this theory, the CII are committed to piloting the T Level qualifications in Insurance and Personal Finance. By supporting employers and colleagues in a controlled test of the qualification, we can review and develop the most effective way to manage the T Level in the future, making the most of this opportunity to create an early pipeline of talent. 


Could you help shape the future of Insurance & Personal Finance?


Do you want early access to the brightest talent?


We are looking for a group of employers to help pilot the new T Level qualifications in Insurance & Personal Finance.


Information About The Pilot:

Useful Links:

T Level brochure, Pearsons

Government guides and webinars

Case study video

If you have any questions or want to be involved in the pilot, please contact

T Level work placement: Benefits to employers

  • Attract motivated young people to your business, bringing in imaginative and new ideas
  • Improve the recruitment pipeline for your business
  • Address local and national skills gaps by helping young people develop the skills your industry needs
  • Develop existing staff’s mentoring and management skills
  • Build a more diverse and creative workforce
  • Play an important role in the local community
  • Build partnerships with local training and education providers
  • Save recruitment costs by providing the opportunity to see what the young person can offer, on a no obligation employment basis

Get involved – talk to us to find out more.


Are you a school or college interested in teaching T Levels?

Please get in touch and we will work together to connect you with the resources and employers you need.  

In partnership with Pearsons, we are delivering training events, and providing teaching materials, to help teaching staff with this new qualification. Go to Pearson’s website for more details, information and advice.