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Apply for the Pension Transfer Gold Standard

Any financial advice firm can adopt the Gold Standard, but need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have regulatory permissions for provision of pension transfer advice (authorisation as both a pension transfer specialist and as an investment adviser – level 4 minimum)
  • They (or any individual within their firm) are not currently under any form of ongoing regulatory sanction by their regulator or accredited body in this field of advice
  • Have professional indemnity insurance which meets FCA threshold conditions and that the firm has adequate resources to cover any excesses (or exclusions) under the policy under the relevant sections of IPRU-INV13.0
  • Have adopted all the principles of the Pension Transfer Gold Standard (without exception)

Where firms are appointed representatives (AR):

  • Their principal has regulatory permissions to provide pensions transfer advice and the agreement with the AR that allows specified individuals within the AR firm to provide such advice under article 53e of the Regulated Activities Order
  • The PII of their principal meets the FCA threshold conditions
  • The AR firm has adopted all the principles of the PTGS and have informed their principle of this

Registration will need to be renewed on an annual basis and adopters should be prepared to provide evidence if called upon by either the CII/PFS or a body with delegated authority from the Pension Advice Taskforce that they have adopted the principles of the Gold Standard. This may involve evidence of the CPD requirement in Principle 4, Management information to support Principles 1 and 8 and examples supporting Principles 3, 5 and 6.

If you agree and comply with all the above criteria, please complete the online application form:

The application process

Your application will be checked by the PFS and then you will receive an email confirmation that you have adopted the Pension Transfer Gold Standard. To complete the process:

  • Applications will be only be processed once a month so it may take up to 6 weeks for you to receive notification. If you have not heard after 6 weeks please contact David Flory on
  • You will need to make whatever changes are necessary to your advice process to be able to comply with all the Gold Standard Principles
  • We will need to make arrangements to record appropriate Management Information as detailed in the Practitioner Guide under Principles 1 and 8
  • If you are not already on the MAS Retirement Advisers database you need to register with them at They will add a visible PTGS logo to help consumers find you.
  • You can start to use the Gold Standard logos in your own marketing material or on your website. Where possible we would like you to also make the consumer guides available to your clients – you can download these from the Pension Transfer Gold Standard consumer page
  • If you would like to hold a printed stock of the small (A5) consumer guide please email and we will arrange for a print standard version to be sent to you as soon as we can which you can then send on to your preferred print partner