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PFS Power

Financial Planning has the POWER to change lives

The Chartered Insurance Institute / Personal Finance Society POWER Initiative came into being in September 2017 when Thornton managing director and Chartered Financial Planner Sharon Sutton became Personal Finance Society President for the term 2017/18.

Sharon’s main goal for her year as President was to advance the practice and profession of financial planning by encouraging more personal finance professionals to embrace the use of financial planning tools and techniques that may help both professionals and their clients achieve excellent outcomes and influence the securing of more financial futures.


Our first step was to establish a PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel of 12 members. This Panel meets every quarter to discuss Financial Planning initiatives and the creation of Financial Planning content helping with dedicated events such as workshops, webinars and The Festival of Financial Planning; Guides to Financial Planning and this website.

The word POWER

POWER emerged as we worked on the first GUIDE TO FINANCIAL PLANNING in Autumn 2017. As we gathered content from Financial Planning Practitioners and their Clients the phrase ‘the POWER of Financial Planning to change lives’ was continually repeated as people wrote and spoke about the great outcomes achieved by having a long-term, life-focused comprehensive financial plan in place and a secure financial future due to the Financial Planner client partnership.


We thank the many selfless Financial Planning practitioners and Financial Planning business coaches who have contributed to the POWER initiative so far and dedicated so much time to sharing their insightful experiences with us. We will continue to:

  • Source content written and spoken by Financial Planning Practitioners for Financial Planning Practitioners
  • Keep this content at the forefront of what is happening in the Personal Finance Profession in the UK
  • Keep it focussed on achieving great outcomes for consumers
  • Carry this message as widely as possible to ensure secure financial futures for Practitioners and their clients.

PFS Power

Sharpen your financial planning skills