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Publication date:

03 November 2021

Last updated:

03 November 2021

The Personal Finance Society has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme, titled Building Financial Resilience, which explores the importance of financial planning in a pandemic-informed world.

Anchored by Selina Downes from the ITN Productions studio in London, Building Financial Resilience looks at financial planning, protection, insurance, savings and investment opportunities and how to build financial resilience now and for the years ahead.


Visit Building Financial Resilience to watch, share or download the trailer, showcase video or the different segments of the programme.

The pandemic has brought into focus the need for resilience in long-term planning to ride out volatile markets. The programme features an interview with PFS President Sarah Lord and Director of Policy and Policy Affairs, Matt Connell discussing the impact the pandemic has had on personal finances and the importance of having a financial safety net.

Now more than ever emphasis is being placed on how we save and invest for the future. In the programme reporter Sue Saville interviews Alastair Black, Head of Industry Change, abrdn plc to understand more about the financial advice sector, exploring how the pandemic has accelerated use of online consultants and the benefits to customers of a hybrid, in person and digital, approach.

Reporter Rory Challands talks to Neil Forster, Head of Asda Money to hear about their range of services and products helping their customers take a more resilient approach to financial planning, ensuring their customers have the right products for the right circumstances including a retailer scheme helping individuals save for Christmas.

As individuals we’ve embraced digital control over our finances but for small and medium sized businesses looking to scale up, one size doesn’t fit all. In the middle market there’s a desire for face-to-face as well as digital services. Reporter Nick Thatcher interviews Nick Fahy, Chief Executive Officer, Cynergy Bank, to learn more about the world’s first human-digital bank which is a blend between human and technology and for him, the future of mid-market banking.

Laurence Turner, Chartered Financial Planner from IFT Wealth Management gives his heartfelt account of the importance of protecting income and insuring our greatest asset, ourselves. With critical illness cover in place, Laurence was relieved from financial pressures when he received his cancer diagnosis and now gives all his clients straight talking advice about preparing for all eventualities.

Tatton Investment Management Limited highlight their new style of investing, working solely with Independent Financial Advisors providing discretionary fund management for clients. Reporter Sangeeta Kandola learns more about the benefits of the risk rated suite of portfolios and funds Tatton provide their clients. The programme also features a film co-produced with PFS raising awareness of the Forces Money Plan, aimed at helping armed forces personnel secure a mortgage with lenders often regarding them as high-risk borrowers.

Building Financial Resilience launched on 2 November 2021 at the PFS Annual Conference