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Technical articles | 21 Mar 2013
There is an argument that goes along the lines that the only true rationale for investing is to create an income from the assets you own. Whether you need it to spend is immaterial. The reality is that income generation is what is expected of bonds and is the only true measure of an equity'...
Technical articles | 27 Jun 2013
If you believed the Mayan prophecies, then you'll probably have been pleased to see December 2012 come and go without it being the end of the world. There are many financial advisers who will have been equally relieved that life continued post 31 December 2012 ('R-Day'), the date when the o...
Technical articles | 11 Jul 2013
Investing used to be about equities for growth and bonds for income and stability. But it seems behaviour has changed in recent years, as the global financial crisis and the collapse of equity markets in 2008 still cast a long shadow over markets. There is evidence that investors still fear...
Technical articles | 21 Mar 2013
In the previous articles in this series I have explained how investment life insurance contracts, such as a single premium bonds, would be taxed in the ownership of a company.  This month I will consider the tax implications where the investments owned by a company are collective inves...
CII Library | Article | Published 09-2016
Political and prudential risks in huge bond-holdings are forcing experts to consider new ideas.
CII Library | Book | Published 2015
Reinsurance is not complicated but it is full of jargon. This 50 page booklet introduces the key ideas that are necessary to make an informed investment in insurance linked funds. Introduced by the former partner responsible for the Goldman Sachs catastrophe bond business, the guide systematicall...
Technical articles | 01 Apr 2009
Premiums bonds: a lot less fun
CII Library | Book | Published 2013
The Front Office Manual is a practical introduction to the front office, guiding readers through the functions and financial instruments commonly encountered in an investment banking business and importantly, how they work and are implemented in practice. The book begins with a guided tour o...
Technical articles | 01 Jul 2008
The tax position of UK and offshore bonds that are owned by companies has changed in the Finance Act 2008.
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