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Tuesday 2 November 2021

Provisional programme for the Financial Freedom event, subject to change:


Opening remarks

Justin Urquhart–Stewart



PFS Welcome

Sarah Lord, President, Personal Finance Society



Keynote: Lessons from the wilderness

Ben Fogle, broadcaster, traveller and adventurer

Our keynote session sees Ben Fogle sharing tales of resilience, hope and teamwork from the wild. Having rowed the Atlantic, lived for a year as a Castaway in the Outer Hebrides, crossed Antarctica and climbed Mount Everest, Ben has many experiences to draw upon.

Ben will share the story of how the wilderness has made him, how adventure has shaped him and how the power of the mind can have a positive impact on both your own life and your relationship with clients.


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COVID Chaos to Build Back Better, a new world order… 

Maria Municchi
M&G Investments

There have been no shortage of challenges facing investors over the last 18 months.  From the current global COVID crisis to the overarching climate crisis, governments, policy makers and investors all have a joint responsibility to act now in terms of how they allocate capital to address these challenges and build back better.

In this session, Fund Manager Maria Municchi discusses some of these challenges and how investors can play an integral role in how capital is invested now, and the years ahead, to ensure a more sustainable future, as well as achieving their financial needs and future aspirations.


The Business owner – planning for a catastrophe?

Fiona Hanrahan
Royal London

In this presentation Fiona will highlight the rise in business owners and will discuss some of the implications in terms of the need for financial planning.

She will start of by considering the importance and benefits of pensions before looking at the implication of the annual allowance and the potential for the tapered annual allowance to apply to the business owner. Fiona will then go on to consider the limited company, the wholly and exclusively rule and how taxation of dividends works. In terms of extracting profits, the three options – salary, dividends and pension contributions are compared. 

She will also consider the various options a business owner has on retirement, pensions and other wrappers but also using the proceeds from a pension fund to purchase a property and the implications of death on these strategies.

Cashflow modelling is an important tool within financial planning conversations, but are there opportunities within this type of exercise that are being underutilised or missed altogether? In the final part of this presentation Fiona will look at three questions to ask a client during a cash flow modelling exercise to get a client thinking about the need for protection and how might they cope if catastrophe struck.


Building Financial Resilience

PFS & ITN Productions

PFS have partnered with ITN Productions to co-produce a news-style programme Building Financial Resilienceraising awareness of the importance of good financial planning for an unpredictable future. Covid-19 has impacted people in different ways. As the economy recovers from the pandemic, Building Financial Resilience looks at the building blocks of resilient financial planning and education post Covid; the initiatives available for the financially vulnerable; financial planning for SME owners and entrepreneurs; the importance of having the right protection and insurance in place and investment opportunities not just for the wealthy. The programme features interviews with leading industry experts and organizations.


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Care – Chaos, confusion and capping costs

Graham Duffy

Since the Royal Commission in 1999, the topic of social care has been much debated, but with no real resolution to the issues faced by so many families.

The Care Act 2014 was meant to address many of these issues, however the major financial aspects, such as a cap on care costs and increased capital limits never materialised.

Many describe the care system as confusing or even “chaotic” and not fit for purpose.

However, it looks like the cap may be back on the table but what is the reality of how this will actually work? In this session, Graham Duffy from Just will highlight a worked example.

Also in this session, Graham will look at a brief history of events and headlines and explore how regulated, qualified advice can bring much sought after peace of mind for individuals and their families who are all in a vulnerable position.

He will also identify the different ways that care might be funded from both a state perspective, through to all privately funded options.

Importantly, the session will also explore how the costs can currently be capped and bring certainty to a very uncertain situation.


The Power of Cashflow

Alasdair Walker, Carla Brown, Matt Aitchison

Three Practitioners explore cashflow in action. With Alasdair as Chair, Carla and Matt will answer questions about the role of cashflow planning in achieving Financial Freedom for both financial planning clients and financial advisory businesses. Carla and Matt provide case studies of clients achieving Financial Freedom and share how client conversations during the height of the pandemic were just about, “Stick to the plan, you are going to be ok” and not about investment performance.

This session will help you:

  • To share examples of clients achieving Financial Freedom and the contribution cashflow planning played in the process
  • To explore how cashflow modelling and stress testing helped clients worry less about their financial position in the pandemic
  • To demonstrate the power of cashflow in giving back control to client, adviser and the advisory business.


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There’s no time like the present ..but with an eye to the future.. for tax and pension planning

Claire Trott and Tony Wickenden
Technical Connection

A review of the current context for tax and pensions and resulting planning opportunities for individuals and businesses. What the future might hold, under the current administration, for investment , taxation and retirement planning. How, through contextual knowledge and specific know-How, advisers can deliver Advice Alpha.


What does client engagement look like in a digital-first world?

Julie Littlechild
Absolute Engagement

For many years Julie Littlechild and her team have examined what it means to create absolute engagement with clients.  And then the whole world changed and the questions were clear. Is Client Engagement Possible in a Digital World? What do clients really need, right now and how is that changing? Can I truly engage with clients virtually?  

In this session Julie looks at client engagement through the eyes of the client, drawing on her latest investor research.  She’ll share results that may surprise you and a plan to help you take action.

This session will help you:

  • Understand how client needs and expectations have changed
  • Understand client perspectives on a digital experience
  • Create a clear plan to drive deeper client engagement


Closing remarks

Justin Urquhart–Stewart



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