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We cover a range of money topics from getting out of debt to planning for a comfortable retirement or even investing a windfall. We've provided links to other specialist websites where you can find information about particular topics. In some cases you may need to consider professional advice from a qualified financial adviser who will help you understand the potential consequences of a particular course of action and help you make the right financial decisions. 

yourmoney is provided by the Personal Finance Society (PFS), the professional body for financial advisers and others that work in financial services. We are part of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), whose royal charter dictates that an important part of what we do is give people like you greater confidence when making important financial decisions. Members commit to uphold a code of professional ethics. The CII is an FCA Accredited Body that issues annually renewable Statements of Professional Standing (SPS) to authorised financial adviser members. An SPS is verification that an adviser satisfies a series of professionalism requirements, including the attainment of a minimum level of professional qualification.  

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