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CII Library | Article | Published 09-2016
Overconfidence is a bias closely associated with strong positive emotions such as pride. Strong positive emotions can hamper effective decision-making. This paper is predicated on the hypothesis that if investors with a pronounced tendency toward overconfidence can regulate strong positive emotio...
Technical articles | 06 Nov 2013
On 1 April 2014, consumer credit regulation will move from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This briefing updates on the changes, reflecting recent FCA consultations on detailed rules and fees.
Technical articles | 12 Sep 2013
On 1 April 2014, consumer credit regulation will move from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This note summarises the changes, who might be affected by them, how the new regulation might look, and what members might consider doing in the meantime.
CII Library | Article | Published 05-2016
Research | 26 Jun 2013
Much of the debate around the splitting of the old FSA into two had focused on the structural implications of regulation, but only know is the potential implications of the culture of regulation, particularly under the FCA as conduct regulator becoming clearer. 
CII Library | Book | Published 2016
Despite the importance of insurance in enabling individual and collective social, economic, and financial activities, discussions about the macro-economic role and risks of insurance markets are surprisingly limited. The core motivation for publishing this book is to bring together academics, reg...
CII Library | Book | Published 2015
Bank Risk, Governance and Regulation provides an academic analysis of key issues facing the EU banking framework. E.g. Pan-European deposits, credit quality and European macroprudential policy.
CII Library | Book | Published 2015
The Financial Conduct Authority began its work in April 2013 with a post-crisis mandate to take pre-emptive action against firms. When problems occur, the FCA increasingly takes disciplinary action against individual senior managers as well as against the firm. Most of these cases are tragedies –...

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