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Research | 01 Jan 2012
Much of the discussion in recent months about the reform to the UK's regulatory architecture, and indeed UK financial services generally, tends to be about banking matters. However this country's dominance in the global insurance markets both retail and wholesale cannot be underestimated, a...
Technical articles | 01 Jan 2012
This is the first article in a series on business succession planning. In this article, I look at the implications of business succession planning in general terms. Later articles will review various aspects of the planning in more detail. As with keyperson cover, business succession plan...
Fact files | 01 Dec 2011
Behavioural finance looks at the psychology and emotional factors behind making investment decisions. By understanding how they make investment decisions, investors (and advisers) can, perhaps, make better decisions to help avoid some of the common pitfalls of investment. Behavioural fin...
News items | 01 Dec 2011
Responding to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement that the temporary first-time buyer stamp duty concession will end on 24 March 2012 as planned, CML director general Paul Smee said:
News items | 01 Nov 2011
The FSA has issued guidance to warn that traded life policy investments (TLPIs) are high risk, toxic products that are generally unsuitable for the majority of UK retail investors and should therefore not be promoted to them. TLPIs are known as 'death bonds' because investors are putting thei...
News items | 01 Oct 2011
Having published draft guidance on their website the FSA has now issued final guidance. Included are the following actions firms should take:
Technical articles | 01 Oct 2011
No one can say that the past few months have not been exciting for investors. A combination of continuing uncertainty in the European single currency zone over whether the heavily indebted countries can continue to be bailed out, along with fears that the UK may dip back into recession agai...
Technical articles | 01 Oct 2011
Following the 2010 general election, the incoming UK government announced its decision to reverse many of the provisions of the FSMA 2000. The underlying reasons for this regime change relate to perceived failures in banking regulation; nevertheless the regulation of insurance, investment a...
News items | 01 Aug 2011
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published information on the consultation process for general guidance making in relation to their rules. As a brief overview, the FSA aims to:

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