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The Protection Guru Awards

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Publication date:

13 September 2021

Last updated:

08 December 2021


Protection Guru

In this article we focus on the Protection Guru awards and the four main categories that you should know about.


The last 18 months have provided many challenges in the protection industry; however, it has also brought many opportunities. Throughout that time, we have seen the established protection players thrive and have also seen a new wave of advisers come though showing that client communications can be fun and to the point. At Protection Guru we want to celebrate the hard work of the industry and celebrate those who have gone the extra mile in promoting protection, insuring clients and supporting them through a claim. We have created our inaugural Protection Guru Awards to reward both advisers and insurers that have been doing exceptional things.

The awards themselves are quite different. We will be celebrating advisers that are doing everything from supporting clients through difficult claims and achieving excellent consumer outcomes, to those who are expertly using social media to promote protection and their business. We’ve also taken a different approach with our insurer awards, where advisers have all the power in deciding the winners. In this ‘4 things you should read’ we focus on our awards and the four main categories, follow the links below to find out more. 




Individual Adviser Awards

Our individual adviser awards categories aim to recognise those advisers who have not only excelled in delivering great protection advice and client outcomes, but who have also spread the message about protection to raise consumer awareness. We’ve included categories that focus on the use of social media, an increasingly powerful and valuable method of reaching new clients. We’ve also sought to give recognition to non-protection specialists, such as mortgage advisers and financial planners, who have delivered great protection advice to their clients.

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Adviser Firm Awards

As with our individual adviser categories, our firm categories look to give recognition to advisers who aren’t necessarily protection specialists and to reward those firms that are nonetheless making protection a key part of what they do. There are many adviser businesses out there delivering fantastic protection advice alongside mortgages or broader financial planning, but it’s not always easy competing with the protection specialists at dedicated protection awards events. For that reason, we’ve created two categories in our firm awards for best protection advice from a wealth firm and a mortgage adviser.

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Insurer Awards

For our insurer awards we’ve doing things a little differently to other industry awards. All of the insurer categories are voted for by advisers, with no insurer submissions. Rather than simply focus on the products themselves, we’ve created categories of different client types, where advisers can vote for the insurer they feel best services the needs of those clients. As the people on the front line doing the job day in day out, we felt it important that advisers have the final say on these categories and are ultimately given the chance to make their voices heard.

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Prestige Awards

Our prestige awards recognize the truly outstanding achievements of individuals and firms in delivering first class client outcomes. Claims should be at the heart of everything this industry does, so to that end we’ve created a category focusing on claims handling, which uniquely can be entered by either insurers or advisers, recognising the vital role that advisers can play in claims outcomes. We have another unique category with our Protection Guru Doctors Award, where the winner will be chosen by our panel of doctors and medical professionals, who amongst other things carry out our critical illness benchmarking. Our doctors will choose from a shortlist of new product launches or developments from the last 18 months, that they feel leads to better consumer health and support outcomes.

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Voting and entry submissions close on Friday 3rd September and the awards luncheon will take place in London on Friday 22nd October 2021.


Look out for future “Everything you need to know” articles where each week we will cover a different topic and provide you with the information you need to know to discuss the topics with your clients. 


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