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Technical articles

Tied - the knot »
Polarisation-to be or not to be? This has been the knotty question on the lips of the financial services industry for some time now. In 1998, to address some of the concerns raised about polarisation, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) began a review of the rules regulating the financial services industry.
China plays host to the CII and Lloyd's »
The Chinese insurance sector is keen to work closely with the UK insurance industry, says Carl Woolf.
Recovery room »
Disaster recovery planning is an essential business discipline which companies ignore at their peril. You can run the most efficient operation in the world, but if it is vulnerable to the effects of an unexpected catastrophe, its foundations are built on sand. When it comes to protecting a company against the impact of a disaster, insurance is only part of the solution. If it is to survive and prosper, the business must get back to full operating capacity as quickly as possible.
Where people count »
People are more important than technology at call centres, says Andrew Newman
Asserting on-line rights »
Intellectual property rights are important in the world of technology, says John Hancock
The challenge of longer life »
The insurance industry faces a major rethink as people are living longer, warns Stephen Womack
Looking to post-bug initiatives »
Now that the millennium bug seems buried, 2000 looks set to see an explosion in Internet-based insurance initiatives, predicts John Sanders
Keeping faith »
There are different interpretations of utmost good faith, as F.Durwood Ruegger and Iskandar S. Hamwi explain.
Pointing the finger »
'I've got a complaint!' Four words that can either trigger despair or galvanise a business into repairing a valued relationship. The difference in attitude has been shown when some financial services  businesses are devastated by complaints, while others have come through the experience of complaints intact but wiser. In this age of consumer awareness and regulators, it is as well to be clear what should be done when things go wrong and to know that for nothing to happen is not an alternative.
Our mutual friends »
There are advantages to being a mutual despite the growing number of conversions, says Stephen Womack.
Checking the insurance cover »
The speed with which organisations are moving to embrace e-commerce is such that the European Union (EU) estimates that, within the next 12 months, the value of intra-business (ie, non-consumer) Internet-based trade will have exceeded 300 billion euros. However, there is sometimes a headlong rush to have a presence on the Internet so as to establish "first mover" advantage and develop a degree of goodwill and reputation among Internet users ...
All that glisters is not necessarily gold - household insurers' problems with jewellery »
This article is based on a dissertation submitted for election to Fellowship.  UK household insurers face a number of challenges when providing cover or dealing with claims for jewelley.  Most UK households have a quantity of jewellery, although the amount and type usually depends on several factors including disposable income, inheritance, religion or taste...
The new profile »
Good risk management and corporate governance are inextricably linked, says Allison Carvalho
New code will tackle complaints »
An almost unheard of BSI standard on complaints handling will impact on insurance, says Chris Wheal
Marketing short-term insurance in the twenty-first century »
This is a much abbrievated version of the paper 'Marketing short-term insurance in the twenty-first century: a strategic perspective' which won the 1999 Morgan Owen medal competition.  The full version is held in the CII Library ...