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Technical articles

Settlor-interested trusts »
One of the questions that is frequently asked by clients of Technical Connection relates to the liability to tax of the settlor of a trust. Many questions appear to stem from a misunderstanding of the term "settlor". This month we seek to clarify some of the issues using a case study. It is particularly relevant toUKsettlors of offshore trusts.
The most dangerous decision? When to invest? »
The most dangerous decision? When do I invest?  (RO2, AF4, CF2, FA7)
ISAs revisited »
The approach of the tax year end has focused attention on ISAs with their ability to provide tax free returns in respect of both income tax and capital gains tax.  If an investment in an ISA falls short of the maximum ISA subscription for the tax year in question (£15,240 for 2015/16) then the unused subscription amount cannot be carried forward.  It follows that if an ISA is a suitable investment for a client, and other things being equal, subscriptions to an ISA should be maximised as far as possible each tax year.
The curious case of the annual allowance »
It is indeed curious that having rid us of the the special annual allowance and its anti-forestalling measures, the government should introduce something as complicated as the tapered annual allowance and its transitional measures.
Single premium investment bonds and death »
In this month's article we consider the tax implications which can arise in two situations under a life assurance single premium investment bond (Bond) on death, both of which can give rise to confusion.
Inheritance tax and trust considerations for non-UK domiciled individuals »
Changes to the UK tax rules concerning individuals who are not domiciled in the UK but are either resident in the UK or own property here were announced in the Summer Budget. This was followed by the publication of the consultation paper "Reforms to the Taxation of Non-Domiciles" on 30 September 2015 and further details are expected in the December Finance Bill.
My PFS - Technical news - 30/11/2015 »
Personal Finance Society news update from 18 November 2015 - 01 December 2015 on taxation, retirement planning, and investments.
My PFS - Technical news - 30/11/2015 »
Personal Finance Society news update from 18 November 2015 - 01 December 2015 on taxation, retirement planning, and investments.
You missed it! It was the best of times and the worst of times… »
So when are the best and worst times and what happens if you miss them? So are we all trying to be too clever? And can we really time the market?
Pensions Act 2014 - the single tier pension »
The waiting will soon be over - sort of. From 6 April next year, state retirement benefits will be streamlined under the banner of the single-tier pension and contracting-out will be no more. Of course, this being pensions, it was never going to be that easy and quite right too. The new system will be relatively straightforward, but the devil is in the transition.
Second Charge Lending Opportunities In A New Era Of Regulation »
With the impending introduction of the Mortgage Credit Directive now only nine months away, mortgage brokers are faced with some difficult decisions regarding whether they will offer a "whole of market" service after March 2016.
Business protection in 2015 »
Last month we looked at business protection trusts and how, if at all, these could be affected by the recently-announced changes to inheritance tax (IHT). This month we look at other matters related to business protection, as well as protection plans effected by businesses, in light of recent developments. Let's start with some fundamentals on key person cover.
Tax avoidance and evasion »
In advance of the Autumn Statement, which is to be delivered on 25 November, we thought it may be useful to provide a summary of the current position in the battle to stem tax avoidance and evasion on the basis that we may hear more on this subject in the Autumn Statement.  We look first at the "domestic" aspects and then the "international" aspects.
Overloaded! Can we really understand all of this information? »
In the haste to give the world data, GDP figures are rushed out within a month of the quarter ending, which leads to multiple GDP releases. Yet this first reading (or 'shot in the dark') often moves markets significantly as investors react.
The quality of advice: pension freedoms »
The new pension freedoms are now embedded and the providers, in the true spirit of competition, have taken different views on what options they wish to provide. Overarching this however, is the nature and quality of advice, if any, being given to members of pension schemes.