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Regional Committee members


Each PFS region has its own committee (with the exception of Guernsey) that are essential in maintaining the future growth and professional standing of the Society. The committees are run by member elected volunteers with the objective of supporting the Society in achieving its objectives.

There are four official regional committee positions to which members can seek to be elected and one co-opted position for the local 'Chartered Champion(s)'. A Regional Committee can comprise as many members as the Chairman deems appropriate. Regional committees can designate other roles to committee members to assist the elected officers, e.g. committee secretary, but these are not member elected positions. Any unofficial committee positions require the Chairman's approval and should be supported by a majority vote among committee members.

Region Role Forename Surname Email Designation
Birmingham Chair Michelle Mahiques-Pearce DipPFS
Birmingham Vice Chair Dominc Brentnall DipPFS
Birmingham Membership Officer Michelle Mahiques-Pearce DipPFS
Bristol & Cheltenham Chair Hazel Richards APFS
Bristol & Cheltenham Vice Chair Stuart Hutton DipPFS
Bristol & Cheltenham Membership Officer Esther Field Certs CII (MP & ER)
Bristol & Cheltenham Education Officer Jonothan McColgan
Bristol & Cheltenham Chartered Champion Tom Ackland FPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)
Bristol & Cheltenham Committee Member Michael Tunstall FPFS, MP & ER
Central Scotland Chair Linda Gilbert APFS
Central Scotland Vice Chair Lisa Johnstone APFS
Central Scotland Education Officer Tracy Bissett FPFS
Central Scotland Membership Officer Kenny Stevenson FPFS
Central Scotland Chartered Champion Graham Hopper APFS Cert CII
Central Scotland Chartered Champion Richard Libberton FPFS
Central Scotland Committee Member Andrew Hall FPFS
East Midlands Chair Toby Mansfield DipPFS
East Midlands Vice Chair Catherine Ball DipPFS
East Midlands Membership Officer Vicki Bailey Cert CII, FPFS, Cert CII (FS)
East Midlands Education Officer Janice Fielding FCII, FPFS
East Midlands Chartered Champion Zhuoying (Joy) Yu  
East Midlands Chartered Champion Lee Maddock APFS
East Midlands Committee Member Robert Terry CertPFS
East Midlands Committee Member Bill Lane Cert CII, APFS
Essex Chair Mark MacLean FPFS
Essex Vice Chair Matthew Smith FPFS
Essex Education Officer Mark Maclean FPFS
Essex Membership Officer Stephanie McDonald DipPFS
Exeter and North Devon Chair Geoff Butler CertPFS
Exeter & North Devon Vice Chair Dawn Richards DipPFS, Cert CII (MP)
Exeter & North Devon Education Officer Theresa Atal CertPFS, Cert SMP
Exeter & North Devon Membership Officer Helen West APFS
Greater Manchester Chair Julianna Willmot APFS
Greater Manchester Vice Chair Kusal Ariyawansa APFS
Greater Manchester  Education Officer Tom Ryan APFS
Greater Manchester Membership Officer Jaqui Davidson-Slack FPFS
Greater Manchester Chartered Champion Kusal Ariyawansa APFS
Hants & Dorset Chair Kevin Forbes FPFS
Hants & Dorset Vice Chair Michael Moss DipPFS, Certs CII (FS)
Hants & Dorset Education Officer Julie Robinson FPFS
Hants & Dorset Membership Officer Ed Morell DipPFS, Certs CII (MP&ER)
Hants & Dorset Chartered Champion Tim Geoghegan FPFS, Certs CII (MP&ER)
Hants & Dorset Chartered Champion Alan Cruse FPFS, Certs CII (MP&ER)
Herts & Middlesex Chair Jeff Barnes DipPFS,Certs CII(MP & ER)
Herts & Middlesex Vice Chair Charles De Lastic DipPFS
Herts & Middlesex Education Officer Chris Broome FPFS
Herts & Middlesex Membership Officer Jan Quinton

DipPFS, Cert CII (MP&ER)

Herts & Middlesex Chartered Champion Chris Broome FPFS
Isle of Man Chair John Hockney APFS
Isle of Man Vice Chair John Walker Cert PFS
Isle of Man Membership Officer Natalie Jayne Bush APFS
Isle of Man Education Oficer Laura Critchley FPFS, Cert CII (MP)
Jersey Chair Trevor Griggs DipPFS
Jersey Vice Chair Paul Frankland DipPFS
Jersey Education Officer Paul Alker DipPFS
Jersey Membership Officer Shani Clarke CertPFS
Kent Chair Pierre Coussey APFS
Kent Vice Chair James Cole DipPFS
Kent Education Officer Philip Gillett DipPFS
Kent Membership Officer Rebecca Hill CertPFS
Kent Chartered Champion Kevin Herron FPFS
Kent Chartered Champion Jane Hodges FPFS
Lancashire, Merseyside & Cumbria  Chair Peter Cowden DipPFS
Lancashire, Merseyside & Cumbria Vice Chair Paul Lewis DipPFS
Lancashire, Merseyside & Cumbria Education Officer Paul Lewis DipPFS
Lancashire, Merseyside & Cumbria Membership Officer Harish Patel DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)
Lancashire, Merseyside & Cumbria Chartered Champion Vanessa Townshend FPFS
London Chair Robert Parker DipPFS, Cert CII (MP&ER)
London Vice Chair Dennis Hall APFS
London Education Officer Ian Hart  
London Membership Officer Angela Lloyd-Read DipPFS
London Chartered Champion Robert Wyatt APFS
London Chartered Champion Ronny Gronvold  
London Chartered Champion William Sallitt FPFS
Norfolk Chair Hazel Bowen FPFS, Cert SMP
Norfolk Vice Chair Simon Jones FPFS
Norfolk Education Officer Stephen Derrick DipPFS
Norfolk Membership Officer Christopher Yates FPFS
Norfolk Chartered Champion Matthew Goddard FPFS
North Scotland Chair Angus Mackintosh DipPFS
North Scotland Education Officer Sheridan Barlow APFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)
North Scotland Membership Officer Robert Broad FPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)
North Scotland Chartered Champion Simon Glazier FPFS
Northern Ireland Chair Russell Anderson FPFS
Northern Ireland Vice Chair Glenn Branney APFS, Cert CII(MP)
Northern Ireland Education Officer Neil Dickey FPFS
Northern Ireland Chartered Champion Jayne Gibson FPFS
Plymouth & Cornwall Chair Ged Dixon APFS
Plymouth & Cornwall Vice Chair Rosie Falco FPFS
Plymouth & Cornwall Education Officer Kate Gannon FPFS
Plymouth & Cornwall Membership Officer Mike LeGassick CertPFS
Plymouth & Cornwall Chartered Champion Simon Lake FPFS
South Wales Chair Kelvyn Hatch DipPFS, Cert CII (MP)
South Wales Vice Chair Nick Romanello DipPFS
South Wales Education Officer Ian McIver FCII, CertPFS
South Wales Membership Officer Peter Harris APFS, Cert CII(MP)
South Wales Chartered Champion Marie Fanning APFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)
South Wales Committee Member Lewys Richards DipPFS, Cert CII (MP)
Staffordshire and Shrops Chair David Philips DipPFS
Staffordshire and Shrops Vice Chair Lisa Johnson ACII, CertPFS, FPFS
Staffordshire and Shrops Education Officer Elaine Henshaw FPFS
Staffordshire and Shrops Membership Officer Ben Walters CertPFS
Staffordshire and Shrops Chartered Champion Martin Dodd FPFS
Stamford Chair Mark Nind DipPFS, CertCII
Stamford Vice Chair Tony Larkins APFS
Stamford Education Officer Mark Hassal DipPFS
Stamford Membership Officer Mark Block DipPFS
Stamford Chartered Champion Tony Larkins APFS
Surrey Chair Richard Sheppard DipPFS
Surrey Vice Chair Gerry Baker ACII, APFS
Surrey Membership Officer Olaolu Owoso DipPFS
Surrey Education Officer Mark Raybould DipPFS, Cert CII (MP & ER)
Surrey Chartered Champion Toby Eves ACII APFS
Sussex Chair Richard Cohen FPFS, ACII, Cert SMP
Sussex Vice Chair Francis Jarman FPFS
Sussex Membership Officer Francis Jarman FPFS
Sussex Education Officer Chris Denham DipPFS
Sussex Chartered Champion Martyn Bowen FPFS, FCII
Thames Valley Chair Dominic Spalding FPFS
Thames Valley Vice Chair Peter Matthews FPFS, ACII
Thames Valley Membership Officer Helen McCormick DipPFS
Thames Valley Education Officer Richard Hulbert DipPFS
Thames Valley Chartered Champion John-Paul Hamilton Chartered
Thames Valley Committee Member Nick Hutchings DipPFS
Thames Valley Committee Member Jane Mudge FPFS, ACII
Tyne Tees Chair David Gunning DipPFS Cert CII (Mp & ER)
Tyne Tees Education Officer Omar Din DipPFS, Cert CII
Tyne Tees Membership Officer Rachel Bruce
Tyne Tees Chartered Champion Gemma Siddle FPFS
Tyne Tees Committee Member Peter Blacklock DipPFS
Tyne Tees Committee Member Geoff Coulson CertPFS
Tyne Tees Committee Member Geoff Rudd CertPFS, Cert CII (MP)
Tyne Tees Committee Member John Bruce DipPFS, Cert CII (MP & ER)
Tyne Tees Committee Member Neale Cooke FPFS
Yorkshire Chair Alan Sensicall FPFS
Yorkshire Vice Chair David McCabe DipPFS
Yorkshire Education Officer Veronica Wilkinson Cert CII
Yorkshire Membership Officer Ash Sohanpall DipPFS
Yorkshire Chartered Champion Stephen Wilkinson APFS
Yorkshire Committee Member Claire Johnson DipPFS, Cert CII (MP & ER)
Yorkshire Committee Member Elizabeth Coyle FCII FPFS
Yorkshire Committee Member Patrick Seal DipPFS
Yorkshire Committee Member Neil Davey DipPFS
Yorkshire Committee Member Simon Thomas FCII FPFS CFP FICA


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