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Technical articles | 02 Jun 2015
The Chancellor's recent pre-election Budget brought the usual raft of changes to taxation for individuals and businesses alike. John Woolley looks at what's new…
Technical articles | 02 Jun 2015
"Absolutely outrageous" - negotiating the American client maze: Legislative changes in both the UK and the US over the last ten years have increased the complexity of dealing with American and US connected clients. With more and more American expatriates coming to the UK and British citi...
News items | 01 Jun 2015
Personal Finance Society news update from 20 May 2015 -  2 June 2015 on taxation, retirement planning, and investments.
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2015
The Battle for the Three Unions. It may sound like something out of a Tolkien story but the Prime Minister is now, as a result of his dramatic election victory last week, very likely to be facing some key battles but on three different fronts.
Technical articles | 01 Jun 2015
When writing about trusts, we tend to concentrate more on what the duties and responsibilities of trustees are and what are or could be the consequences of trustees' actions as these are the areas, such as setting up a trust or trustee investments, in which financial advisers tend to get in...
News items | 27 Apr 2015
PFS news update from 8 April - 21 April 2015
Technical articles | 10 Apr 2015
All investors consider return. Most investors consider risk. Only a few consider uncertainty.
Market data | 19 Mar 2015
"Unsurprisingly, the imminent General Election was one of the drivers of the 2015 Budget. Many of the proposals will not take effect until later in 2015/16 or the following tax years. If there is a change of government, some of them won't survive."
Technical articles | 13 Mar 2015
Most interest rates around the world are at, or close to, all time lows. The extreme case is Switzerland, where the national bank has set anegativebase rate of -0.75%; meaning that it charges to take cash deposits. The reasoning behind central banks setting low or negative interest rates is...

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