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Technical articles

Last word on business protection trusts »
As this is my last article in this series, I have been looking at the topics covered in the past, trying to decide which topic seems to be the most problematic and so deserving having one final go at.  Just then I received an enquiry about a shareholder protection arrangement which sounded distinctly odd. It was to be a share purchase arrangement involving a limited company effecting   a policy under a business trust and a cross option agreement.  So here goes.
Brexit and Pensions »
Let's be honest. Nobody forecast the result of the referendum with confidence and nobody has forecast the consequences with confidence. There will undoubtedly be an impact on pensions over the longer term (we are still members of the EU) and the markets will probably twitch at regular intervals in the absence of certainty as to their destination. Those twitches will be magnified further by the sheer difficulty of trying to divine how significant is the latest economic shock or encouragement.
Brexit - Let's not persuade ourselves into a depression »
Since the vote to leave the EU we've clearly entered a period of uncertainty, which some may consider to be 'open-ended'.
Surviving a critical illness »
Most homebuyers purchase life assurance when they arrange a mortgage, but only a minority obtain another form of financial protection that they are five times more likely to need before they reach retirement.
BTL - no place for amateurs »
Mortgage brokers have had to adapt to a changing world and since 2008 have demonstrated their resilience in the face of a variety of challenges, including seismic shifts in compliance and greater demands from customers in terms of fulfilling the growing variety of funding requirements.
Battle of the ISAs »
Providing the Lifetime ISA is implemented as we expect, then from April 2017 first-time buyers will have a choice of the Help to Buy ISA and Lifetime ISA.
Trust wording »
One of the key benefits of trust law is that, apart from a couple of restrictions relating to legality and perpetuity, it is pretty much up to the individual settlor to decide the terms of a trust. It should go without saying that, in addition to the trust provisions being legal, the words used should make sense.
Staying invested through the turmoil »
Markets experienced significant turmoil as they attempted to price in the immediate impacts and longer-term risks of the surprise Brexit vote. European and FTSE 250 shares fell sharply, as did the Pound.
Mortgages: a route to consumers? »
On June 16, the research arm of Protection Review, known as The Syndicate, launched its 2016 report looking at consumer and adviser sentiment regarding protection and financial matters. The research showed that there was very little appetite among consumers to purchase protection products with 45% of those surveyed saying that nothing could persuade them to buy protection and only 24% of people saying that they were more likely than a year ago to review their protection needs with a view to increasing the level of cover.
Landlords reaction to BTL challenges »
Property Investors are facing a number of challenges in the market, the main ones being the increased stamp duty costs and the restrictions to tax relief due to be implemented from 2017, which could see landlords facing higher tax bills.
Understanding free cover offered by insurers »
Putting a protection plan in force can be a laborious and time consuming task. Whilst quotation portals such as iPipeline and UnderwriteMe are beginning to make this more streamlined, there are still a significant number of cases that cannot be placed on risk immediately. If the policy is being put in place to cover a mortgage, this could leave the life assured and their family exposed.
A Matter of Life and Death (Part 2) »
In our previous article, we examined the recent history of pension term assurance and group 'death in service' cover. In this article we look at some remaining issues and solutions and, in particular, relevant life policies. The article also describes where we are now that it has become clear that there was more to revised rules on paying lump sums in respect of individuals who die before the age of 75 than we might have first thought.
The tax outlook post the Referendum vote »
There we have it. The UK has voted for Brexit and, at the time of writing, Sterling has already dropped significantly against the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen… the new safe haven currency it seems. We also know that if there is to be a "post Brexit" (so called) "emergency budget" it will not be until after the appointment of the new Conservative leader and 'de-facto' Prime Minister.
Trusts and the residence nil rate band »
As is well known by now, from 6 April 2017 an additional IHT allowance will be available in respect of a residence which the testator owns or has owned in the past. This is called the "residence nil rate band" (RNRB) and will be given by an increase in the nil rate band available to the individual. Whilst we still don't have all the final detail (the downsizing provisions are still being debated and are to be included in the Finance Act 2016) we know enough to be able to include RNRB considerations in any estate planning exercise. This month we will consider how the RNRB provisions interact with trusts.
Single premium investment bonds »
We provide a summary of the valuation rules for death benefits for chargeable event and inheritance tax (IHT) purposes following the death of the sole or last surviving life assured under a single premium life assurance bond (Bond).