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Technical articles

New code will tackle complaints »
An almost unheard of BSI standard on complaints handling will impact on insurance, says Chris Wheal
Marketing short-term insurance in the twenty-first century »
This is a much abbrievated version of the paper 'Marketing short-term insurance in the twenty-first century: a strategic perspective' which won the 1999 Morgan Owen medal competition.  The full version is held in the CII Library ...
The confidence factor »
The new single Ombudsman scheme is explained by Walter Merricks
Upheaval over subsidence »
Radical changes on how subsidence issues are handled is explained by Andrew Newman
Studying can be fun »
Using your imagination to help your memory should be a key feature of studying for exams, writes Jon Chapman
Is professional indemnity insurance appropriate for art and antique dealers? »
This paper is based in a dissertation submitted for election to Fellowship of the Chartered Insurance Institute.  Introduction - There is an increasing demand for professional indemnity (PI) insurance from those outside the traditional professions of accountancy, engineering, surveying and the law.  Many varied occupations, such as the media, funeral directors, pregnancy testing agencies...
Computer contingency planning »
With increasing dependence on computers, losing the use of them and the data they hold can have disastrous impact on business.  It is therefore important that we assess the value of our computer data and what the effect would be on our business if we were unable to use the data.  Data held on a computer is worth many times the value of the computer itself....
Planning is the e-business key »
How e-business will change the way the commercial lines insurance marketplace will work together in the new century is explained by Brian Moulds.
Retirement under the social security system of Singapore »
The main providers of social security in Singapore are employers and the employees themselves. Provision is made through a Central Provident Fund (CPF) whereby employers and employees jointly contribute a set percentage of the employees' monthly incomes into individual accounts set up for each employee...
Terms of agreement »
Many lawyers are concerned that the new Contracts (rights of third parties) Act will work against insurers. However, it is not all one way, as Jenny Harris explains.
Just a minute »
Taking minutes for the first time can be a daunting experience, but thorough preparation should reduce panic levels.  Tracy Wood offers a few simple guidelines on producing just what is needed.  Minute taking is a skill that can be incredibly useful in a wide range of circumstances.  Many meetings require somebody to make a record of the discussion and any action that has been agreed...
Life and death in the UK »
We always wish people long life and good health. In whatever language, most drinking toasts aspire to those two simple boons although, in fact, drinking and other associated habits, such as smoking, are most likely to shorten life and degrade health. How do we know? Well, we know because statistics record the cold facts of our lives, health and deaths. It is not the most cheering topic but a number of key issues ...
DTV and the insurance market »
Industry sources believe that the number of users of the Internet, currently estimated at 200 million, may reach one billion by the end of next year. Fears have been expressed that this success may create a new form of socio-economic exclusion, but the advent of digital television (DTV) will considerably enhance access for all to interactive digital media ...
Continuing to develop »
Continuing professional development is a key element in the growing professionalism of the industry. Individuals who wish to work in a field of considerable technical skill are required to keep developing themselves after qualifying and to demonstrate that they are doing this.
Construction insurance - specific risks: building and civil engineering »
The attached extract is taken from Construction Insurance, an Insurance Institute of London study published in 1999.