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Technical articles

Negotiating the American client maze »
"Absolutely outrageous" - negotiating the American client maze: Legislative changes in both the UK and the US over the last ten years have increased the complexity of dealing with American and US connected clients. With more and more American expatriates coming to the UK and British citizens moving to the US, what is it that advisers need to know before they can successfully deal with such clients? asks Cormac Naughten 
Mortgage Professional Issue 6 »
In the sixth issue of Mortgage Professional, Gary Little heads up a host of articles covering an overview of the mortgage market, EU's Mortgage Credit Directive, regulatory changes and more.
The battle for the three unions »
The Battle for the Three Unions. It may sound like something out of a Tolkien story but the Prime Minister is now, as a result of his dramatic election victory last week, very likely to be facing some key battles but on three different fronts.
The rights of beneficiaries and challenging trustee decisions »
When writing about trusts, we tend to concentrate more on what the duties and responsibilities of trustees are and what are or could be the consequences of trustees' actions as these are the areas, such as setting up a trust or trustee investments, in which financial advisers tend to get involved.   But what happens if one of the clients is a beneficiary under a trust and you need information about the trust as it may - or is likely to - affect estate planning for the client?
The money purchase annual allowance »
The introduction of greater benefit flexibility in the Taxation of Pensions Act 2014 included new ways of preventing individuals from recycling benefits into contributions. The recycling rules remained in place (subject to a small modification), but they targeted the increase in contributions by way of reinvesting the tax-free pension commencement lump sum.
Relevant life policies - part four »
This is the final article in a series of four on relevant life policies.
Retirees »
The basic state pension, in more or less the form we recognise it today, was introduced in 1948, as part of the 1946 National Insurance Act. The age at which one could begin drawing down the state benefits was 65 years old for men and 62 years old for women (this disparity between the sexes only began to be closed in the Pension Act of 1997 - for simplicity we'll consider the male data, as that is the number that is being targeted by the government).
Some clarity on those new death benefit rules »
Nobody said it would be easy reads like the title of a pop star's lament. It can equally describe the business of trying to understand the new flexible pension rules that came into effect on 6 April 2015. The rules are mostly confined in their application to money purchase schemes.
Relevant life policies - part three »
This is the third in a series of articles on relevant life policies.
More reasons to review a will »
Some time ago we highlighted the changes in the intestacy rules as one of the reasons to review a will. Since then there have been further developments which make this subject even more topical. 
Risk vs uncertainty »
All investors consider return. Most investors consider risk. Only a few consider uncertainty.
Deeds of variation under threat again »
In his last pre-election Budget on 18 March the Chancellor announced a Government review of what he described as attempts to avoid inheritance tax through the use of deeds of variation. The review will report by autumn and will look at cases where individuals use deeds of variation to alter a will in order to pass bequests on to their children, thereby removing sums from their estate for IHT.
Society of Mortgage Professionals Issue 5 »
In the fifth issue of Mortgage Professional, Gary Little heads up a host of articles covering an overview of the mortgage market, homemade pensions, equity release and income protection.
Membership Survey 2014 »
The 2014 PFS member survey delivered good news on value for money and promoting the industry, while some areas of concern have been raised for further attention.Mark Hutchinson delves into the results.
The taxation of death »
In this issue's technical article, John Woolley takes an in depth look at the taxation of death benefits paid under money purchase personal pension plans.